Venue & Trial Information

The Welsh National Trial is taking place from Thursday 10th - Saturday 12th August. 

There are 4 Brace combinations participating in the 2023 Trial, with 2 combinations running on Thursday and 2 on Friday lunchtime. 

The Singles competition is running on a 5/day basis starting on Thursday 10th. There will be 45 Singles run on day 1, 46 on day 2 and 45 on day 3.

Course Directors

Gwyn Ll Davies & Gerwyn Owen (Assistant) 


Llyr Evans & Cai Pritchard


We would like to express our gratutitude to the Owen Family for the provision of sheep for the trial.

Sheep Stewarding Team:

Doug Lambie - Chief Sheep Steward
Eilir Roberts
Sion Jones
Ceri Rundle
John Ellis
Ed Thornalley

Time Keepers

Sarah Ellis, Jen Shone, Bron Tango, John M Jones, Gayle Forrester, Julia Whiteley. 


Clwyd Guild of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers will be giving demonstrations over the three days of trialling.

A - Z Participant Lists

Please click on the links below to download A - Z Lists with details of participating combinations. 

Running orders printed in the programme available at the trial field and online the day before the trial. 




The Welsh National is undersubscribed in 2023 so there are no reserve combinations.