2016 Results - Day 2

Day two of the Welsh National started at 7.30am. It is a damp, wet start to the day. Fresh sheep from the same flock are being run today. There are another 45 singles runs and three brace entries to be completed. There are no brace runs tomorrow so we will know the brace champion by this afternoon.

A couple of the early packets of ewes have not been holding well at the top of the field. The sheep seem to be more touchy today and can be skittish at hand. 

With the first run of the day, on a nice packet of sheep, Arwyn Davies and Meg scored 194.Two handlers have sent their dogs on the right hand outrun so far, Gwyn Lightfoot with Omega Taff and Stan Harden with Bob. Taff needed two extra whistles on his outrun.

Richard Millchap goes into the lead with Sweep on a score of 200. It was a well controlled run with Richard holding Sweep back off the sheep.

12.15pm: There are three remaining competitors vying for the brace title. First to run is Gethin Jones with Fran and Maddie, followed by Ian Jones with Ted and Meg, and Brian McConnell with Sky and Roy.

There is heavy drizzle and the low cloud is shrouding the hills.

The three remaining brace runs all completed the course making it a tight competition overall.

Today's brace scores were:

Gethin Jones - 244;

Ian Jones - 231;

Brian McConnell - 220.


Kevin Evans is the 2016 Welsh brace champion with Jimmy and Greg. Reserve champion is Gethin Jones with Fran and Maddie.


The judges brought in a standard at 2pm. 

The rain has stopped and the sheep seem more settled this afternoon. 

Medwyn Evans is in top spot once again, this time with Meg on 202 points. Will anyone beat him?

As the afternoon warms up, swallows have started swooping across the field.

There has been a run of competitors retiring with the first two handlers of the trial missing the fetch.

We are progressing through the runs quickly, with handlers retiring or falling below standard.

When trialling finishes tonight there will be speed shearing competitions.


The top five for today were: 

1, run number 69, M.L. Evans, Meg, 202;

2, run 53, R. Millichap, Sweep, 200;

3, run 88, A.G. Williams, Max, 198;

4, run 86, A. Owen, Llangwm Cap, 196;

5, run 82, D.K. Evans, Preseli Ci, 194, OLF 98;

Reserve, run 46, T.A. Davies, Meg, 194 OLF 88.