2015 Results - Day 2

The sun has shone all morning on day two of the trial. The sheep aren't working quite as well as yesterday, being a little more touchy.

They can be a challenge at the pen, for man and dog.

Angie Driscoll and Claire Ridge went to the top of the leader board before lunch.

Angie, running Meg, scored 195.

The breakdown of her points was:

Outrun 2; lift 1; fetch 2; drives 14; shed 0; pen 0; single 6.

With no doubles runs today, the judges took a brief break before resuming the singles.

They then introduced a standard.

Local committee vice-chairman Rex Mumford was given a re-run because his sheep weren't holding at the top of the field.

At run number 76, Stan Harden and Bob went into the lead with a good run finishing on 202 points.

The breakdown of their points was:

Outrun 2; lift 2; fetch 5; drives 4; shed 2; pen 3; single 0.

With the next run Hefin Jones and Casi went into second spot just two points behind.

Stan held onto the lead for the rest of the day and will go into the run-off to decide the Welsh champion at the end of tomorrow.

He is one of three Pembrokeshire competitors to gain a team place today, the other two being Steve Lewis, who ran at number 88, and Claire Ridge.

The fine weather continued throughout the day, and everyone is hoping for more of the same on the final day. Shedding looked a little easier today, but the pen was the greatest challenge.


The top five for day two are:

1, run no. 76, Stan Harden, Bob, 202;

2, run no. 77, Hefin Jones, Casi, 200;

3, run no. 60, Angie Driscoll, Meg, 195; 

4, run no. 88, Steve Lewis, Karven Jake, 194;

5, run no. 59, Claire Ridge, Sian, 187.

Reserve; A. Ll. Owen, Ben, 184.

Stan Harden comes off the field a happy man. Stan and Bob scored 202 points to take the top spot on day two. ALL PICTURES: Lisa Soar
Stan's Bob after his run
Angie Driscoll and Meg on their way to scoring 195 for a place in the team.
Glyn Jones' Roy.
Dylan Davies and Anja had trouble at the pen, like many others.
Stick maker Arwyn George, of Llandeilo, has some of his sticks and crooks for sale at the trial. There are also some other trade stands on site, alongside the ISDS shop and the Society's principal sponsors, Gilbertson & Page.