2015 Results - Day 1

The sun is shining on the first morning of the 2015 Welsh National. Running began on time at 8am and so far the Suffolk crosses are working quite well. The Welsh team is being picked from the top five runs per day.

The field is quite a challenging course. The land falls away from the post with the shedding ring slightly to the right of the post and the pen to the far right. 

Dogs sent on the left outrun drop down before running up the hill, where the sheep are out of sight most of the way.

On the right of tthe field there is an elbow. Dogs being sent to the right so far have gone out to the hedge, around the dog leg and up the hill behind their sheep.

The fetch is down the gulley of the field, with the gates in a dip.

The drives are set to the right. The first drive is uphill and the cross-drive goes down the slope before pulling up again for the cross-drive gates.

With the early morning runs it looks like the at-hand work could take a bit of time. 

IB Jones and Tim and Meirion Jones and Jimmy have both had completed runs.


With just three brace runs entered this year, the doubles champion has been decided today.

J.R Griffith working Sam and Moss was first to the post and scored 228. The other two competitors, Glyn Jones, Llanarmon, and Brian McConnell failed to match him. 

John sent Moss out on the left outrun first. Sam got to the top of the field first and both dogs brought the sheep down the fetch. They were very close to missing the fetch gates but just squeezed the ewes in front of the gate and through.

They walked around the post and went up the first drive steadily, with two ewes hanging back slightly. They caught both drive gates with the packet drifting apart a bit before the second drive gates, having come quite low on the line near the fetch gates. Sam was used in the shedding ring, with Moss taking over at the open pen. it was a good pen, but while John was working Sam at the second pen, Moss left the mouth of the pen. He had a few commands to get him back to watch the sheep but was still a way off and they were lucky the ewes didn't decide to sneak out.

They had a clean shed and first pen and lost 10 points at the second.

Brian McConnell was next to the post with Sky and Jan. They finished on a score of 152 having missed gates around the field, but they completed their run.

Last to run was Glyn Jones running Cap and Zac. Cap was sent to the right and got behind his sheep first - and then brought them down the fetch, leaving a confused Zac at the top of the field.

They caught the fetch gates but Zac didn't catch up until the second half of the fetch.

They also caught both drives but had a wide turn after the second gates.

They finished their run on a score of 156 to take the runner's up spot to represent Wales at the International.


The singles has resumed with the weather remaining fine. 

When the wind drops the temperatures rise, with a couple of dogs coming off the field quite hot.

The sheep are more testing than the early morning runs, but are still workable. They tend to stick together at-hand and can challenge at the pen. 


Richard Millichap and Don have gone to the top of the leader board with a score of 202. 

David Howells and May followed that up with the next run, with a score of 194.


4.20pm: The judges now have a standard in place.


The scores kept on rising later in the day. Gwyn Lightfoot and Omega Mari beat Richard Millichap's score with 206 points.

Aled Owen and Llangwm Glesni beat that at run number 43, finishing their run on 210. They had an unsettled packet at the top of the field but managed them well. They had a clean outrun, lift and fetch. On the drives they lost six points before having a clean shed. They penned, losing two, and another two were dropped in the single.

Next to the post was Kevin Evans running his young dog Kemi Ross. They had a textbook run to win the day.

Kemi Ross is not yet two-years-old and Kevin ran him as his alternate dog. Kevin sent him on the left-hand outrun. They lost no points on the outrun, but dropped one at the lift. Another point was lost on a near-perfect fetch, with just two dropped on the drives. At-hand they had a clean shed, lost two at the pen and finished with a clean single.

At the end of the day ISDS Chairman Jim Easton said: "That's the best day's trialling I've seen for many years."


The top five for day one are:

1, run no. 44, Kevin Evans, Kemi Ross, 214;

2, run no. 43, Aled Owen, Llangwm Glesni, 210;

3, run no. 30, Gwyn Lightfoot, Omega Mari, 206;

4, run no. 24, Richard Millichap, Don, 202;

5, run no. 35 Alan Ll Jones, Spot, 194, olf 90.

Reserve; run no. 25, David Howells, May, 194, olf 88.

First on the field this morning was Aurwen Price and Jan. They were timed up in the single. ALL PICTURES: Lisa Soar
I.B. Jones and Tim had a nice early morning run, scoring 194, but it wasn't enough for a place in the team.
Sophie Holt and Roy at the pen.
J.R. Griffith acknowledges the crowd applause at the end of his winning brace run, working Moss and Sam.
Richard Millichap and Don took the fourth team place on day one.
Aled Owen and Llangwm Glesni take the shed, on their way to a score of 210.
With one of the last runs of the day, Kevin Evans and Kemi Ross completed their run in top place with a score of 214.