Day 3

Today is scheduled to see the final batch of singles runners, followed by the runoff to decide the Team Reserve and finally, the Team Captain and Welsh Nation al Champion. 

9.00: Huge disappointment for everyone turning up for the last day. Heavy rain has already made vehicle access difficult and a strong wind is whipping across the land. The worst part of it all is that thick fog shrouds the course, so dense that talk is already of whether or not there will be running today. 

10.30: Trialling finally got under way just after 10.00. J R Griffith was first to the post in strong wind and he left the field on his drive.

11.00: Trialling continuing for the time being. Sheep very steady and amenable but mixed fortunes for handlers so far, with one timed out, a rare occurrence at this trial. A ferocious downpour as Gwyn Jones (Penmachno) completes an impressive shed.

12.30: The first scores have been posted for today. Gwyn Jones (Penmachno) is on 185 with Calderdale Ross, one point ahead of S Ruckstuhl and Jane on 184. No brace today.

1.30: A minor miracle has happened over Sellatyn and handlers are going to the post in sunshine. Alan Jones (Defaidty) and Beca are now ahead on 204, with Kevin Evans and Jimmy on 200.

3.30: Continuing dry as a standard is introduced. Alan Jones still leads the field after a nice smart run. Kevin Evans and Jimmy are just a couple of points behind.

5.00: A sad result of the delayed start is that the young handlers competition has been cancelled. Still another 15 runs to go but the weather is holding and there's plenty of light in the sky.

6.30: The sheep are still working well around the course, but have become more reluctant to part in the ring. With another 7 to go before the runoffs, it's going to be tight getting them all through. Emrys Lewis and Glen have put up a good show that earned them 197.

7.30: The last run has taken place and the runoff order is being decided. The team has now been completed, apart from the reserve for all three days.

8.30: The runoff is well under way. Kevin Evans put up a tremendous run with Greg and Medwyn Evans is rising to the challenge. Finally another tip top run from Alan Jones with Beca. The result is eagerly awaited.

8.55: Medwyn Evans is the National Champion, Team Captain, Alan Jones, second and Kevin Evans third. Bryn Davies is the reserve.