Day 2

Reports from the field by Austin Bennett and Sue Main.

9.00: Running kicked off on time with Alastair Gilchrist and Paddy. A missed cross drive, unfortunately. Rain is already sweeping the course and the threat is for worsening conditions. Brian McConnell has had the first clean and tidy run at No.3. The sheep are presenting better at the top so far. The lift is tricky here as there seems to be a dip behind the sheep and it has sometimes been difficult to determine whether it is the holding dog or that of the competitor that is being commanded.

11.00: The sheep continue to work well in general. Not as many packets walking happily into the pen as yesterday, but a little help and careful handling finds them obliging enough. Quiet, careful ring work pays off, too. They are good sheep, but won't take impatiently hassling. Leaders are now Eirian Morgan and Jaff on 192, a couple of points clear of David Evans and Moss.  A short bright spell is making itself welcome after continuous and sometimes heavy rain.

12.30: Two excellent runs have taken the joint lead. Gwynfor Owen with Roy and Rob Ellis with Sweep, both on 196. Gwynfor is just ahead on olf.

1.30: The doubles started with Kevin Evans with Greg and Kim. The Texel cross sheep used for the brace remain really stubborn at the first pen where nobody boxed them in yesterday. Kevin managed it and in fact did the job twice as the sheep grazed themselves out when Kim wasn't looking and he had to return and snare them again. Time was then up. A nice lull in the weather was shortlived and heavy rain has returned. The doubles have now ended. Ian Jones with Tom and Ted missed the cross drive but got both pens. Scores awaited.

2.45: In the singles, there is a new leader in J W Evans and Spot.

4.30: Exemplary sheep continue to make this an excellent competition. The rain is now sporadic and less heavy. Some foine runs from Jeff Hudd and Spot and a beauty from Medwyn Evans and Meg have changed the look of the results. Medwyn is now in the lead and a cracker from Arwyn Davies and Moel Floss in second place.

5.30: With no brace runs tomorrow, the brace title goes to Kevin Evans with Greg and Kim. Congratulations to them. J R Griffith with Bob and Moss are also in the team on 200. Medwyn Evans continues to lead with an impressive 206. The clutch of high scores means the standard is beating a number of handlers. Dull wet conditions as the final ten runs of the day get under way.

6.45: Just a couple of runs to go. Fifteen year old Elin Hope is at the post now, David Howells had a good run with Jamie. A very still end to the day, dull, but no rain!

7.00: Trialling is over for the day. The last batch of handlers will run tomorrow, when the reserve and the National Champion are decided.