Day 1

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Reports from the field by Sue Main and Austin Bennett

9.00: It is dry and overcast on a large course with roomy outruns to either side. The Welsh ewes are working well and it looks as though there will be some fair running. The first three runs all completed. Care is needed in the ring as always. The sheep are penning well.

10.30: Sheep continuing to work extremely well. Three outruns so far have been to the right, where the ground falls away to start with. Nigel Watkins took that route just now with Molly and put in a fine looking run with smart ring work and a nice pen. No failures at the pen still.

11.15 Two handlers missed the fetch and retired. The first missed obstacles of the day. Early retiring probably an indication of the standard handlers know is going to  be expected. Nigel Watkins moves to the top on 200. 

12.15: Nigel Watkins stays in the lead as the brace competition begins. Colin Gordon is the first on, but retires when tricky sheep decided against the pen.

1.00: J R Griffith also timed out at the first pen in the doubles. A change to Texel cross ewes for the brace has resulted in more of a challenge for the handlers.

2.00: The doubles ended without a completed pen. Extremely difficult sheep made for a disappointing competition. J R Griffith is ahead at this stage on 200.

2.15: Singles running has resumed, with a display of clever handling from Kevin Evans with Greg. A fine run, despite one tricky ewe, which puts Kevin into the lead.

3.10: Threats of a little rain have disappeared and now there is hazy sunshine. The sheep are a little friskier now and a standard has been set, with a number of handlers failing to meet it. 

4.30: Perfect trialling weather now. Warm sunshine and a good breeze. Five runs in succession have been short of the standard. A class run from Gwynfor Owen and Moss. Aled Owen and Gypsy just finshing after very neat ring work. The sheep are beginning to need a bit of push.

5.00: Some excellent runs still getting logged. Medwyn Evans and Jan equalling Kevin Evans' score with Aled Owen just a few points behind on 198 and Richard Millichap on 197. Kevin is ahead on olf 202 (92) as against Medwyn on 202 (90).

7.00: It looks as though it will be fine weather until the close of today. More high scores. Stan Harden with a smooth, effective run made the 200 mark. Gwyn Jones (Penmachno) scored 198, but Kevin Evans is still ahead on olf.

7.30: Running deteriorated for the last five runs with a number of unsettled packets at the top resulting in untidy fetches.