Congratulations to the 2019 Welsh National Team

2019 Welsh National Team

Photo courtesy of Lisa Soar

1st and National Champion T A D Davies with Peg

2nd B Behr with Bendigedig Leni

3rd A L Owen with Glenys

4th J L Bowen with Roy 

5th Ll Harries with Preseli Fly

6th Dr K G Broad with Kinloch Cade

7th A L Evans with Zac

8th E L Morgan with Spot

9th M Jones with Meg

10th R F M Ellis with Tod

11th D J M Evans with Lass

12th D J M Evans with Kemi Maid

13th I L Evans with Gwnnws Maid

14th A L Owen with Caleb

15th D K Evans with Hybeck Blake

Reserve D M Howells with Rock


2019 Results