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2022 Trials Committee

Local Chairman   Ian Harries
Local Vice-Chairman   Hywel Davies
Local Secretary    Arthur Morgan
Local Treasurer    Bettina Lammle
Chief Sheep Steward   Brian McConnell
Health and Safety Officer   Stan Harden 


Supporting Commitee Members: 

Brian McConnell, John Bowen, Bettina Lammle, Annette Morgan, John Walters, Matt Evans, Pete Cleary, Jacky Phillips, Lisa Bassett, Christine Pugh, Paul Pugh, Karl Griffiths,
Margaret Absolam, Vicky Hinman, Llion Harries, Ceri Darlington, Chris Soar, Lisa Soar, 
Anna Lou Daybell and 
Claire Ridge

Special thanks to Landowner for their cooperation. 

Mr Joel Rowe & family of Rhyndaston Fawr, Hayscastle

Contact Local Committee: 

Arthur Morgan (Secretary)
Mobile: 07721 786292