The Course

ISDS Trials  - National Singles Course

The following is a guide for those interested, it is not a statement of the ISDS Rules for Trials.  The distances are approximate and might be adjusted for the field in use.

1. GATHERING - Comprises an Outrun, a Lift and a Fetch. In the outrun (400 yards) the dog may be directed on either side. A Lift starts the sheep toward the handler. A straight Fetch from the lift to the handler, through a centre gate (7 yards wide) 150 yards from the handler. No re-try at the gate is allowed. The handler will remain at the post from the commencement of the outrun and at the end of the fetch the sheep will pass behind  the handler and post.

2. DRIVING - The handler will stand at the post and direct the dog to drive the sheep 450 yards over a triangular course through two sets of gates seven yards wide, a second attempt at either gate is NOT allowed. The drive ends when the sheep enter the shedding ring. The handler will remain at the post until the sheep are in the shedding ring. The drive may be either to left or right and shall be decided by the Trials Committee immediately prior to the Trial.

3. SHEDDING - Two unmarked sheep to be shed within a ring 40 yards in diameter. The dog must be in full control of the two sheep shed (in or outside the ring) otherwise the shed will not be deemed satisfactory. On completion of the shed the handler shall reunite his sheep before proceeding to pen.

4. PENNING - The pen will be 8 feet by 9 feet with a gate 8 feet wide to which is secured a rope 6 feet long. On completion of shedding, the handler must proceed to the pen, leaving his dog to bring the sheep to the pen. The handler is forbidden to assist the dog to drive the sheep to the pen. The handler will stand at the gate holding the rope and must not let go of the rope while the dog works the sheep into the pen. The handler will close the gate. After releasing the sheep, the handler will close and fasten the gate.

5. SINGLE - The handler will proceed to the shedding ring leaving the dog to bring the sheep from the pen to the ring. One of two marked sheep will be shed off within the ring and thereafter worn (in or outside the ring) to the judges’ satisfaction. Handlers are forbidden to assist the dog in driving off, or attempting to drive off the single any distance or by forcing it on the dog.

SCALE OF POINTS – Outrun 20; Lifting 10; Fetching 20; Driving 30; Shedding 10;
Penning 10; Single 10. TOTAL 110

TIME LIMIT – 15 Minutes.