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Day 2

News from day two of the Welsh National will be posted here.

For the latest scores, click here: http://m.isds.org.uk




Day 2 top five:

1, Angie Driscoll, Kinloch Pippi, 200;

2, Robert Ellis, Spot, 194;

3, Wyn Edwards, Clwyd Fflei, 190, OLF 84;

4, Paul Tomkins, Lyn, 190, OLF 80;

5, Nigel Watkins, Tanhill Alex, 188 OLF 82.

Reserve, Alwyn Williams, Max, 188, OLF 80.



Taking top spot, late in the day, Angie Driscoll and Kinloch Pippi scored 200. PICTURE: Lisa Soar


Robert Ellis gained a place in the team with Spot. PICTURE: Lisa Soar


Wyn Edwards and Clwyd Fflei scored 190 early in the day. PICTURE: Lisa Soar


Paul Tomkins and Lyn take the single for a place in the team. PICTURE: Lisa Soar


Young handler Rhion Owen had a good completed run with Ross. PICTURE: Lisa Soar


Brian McConnell, running Sky and Roy, took second place in the brace championship behind Elgan Jones. PICTURE: Lisa Soar


PICTURE: Lisa Soar